Let me help you grow your business

Used in the right way, technology can help your business thrive.

What I do

With over 20yrs experience in the Technology Industry working both for myself and others, I provide a number of services to help those less Tech Savvy to thrive in a digital world.

I Mentor.

Having started and sold 3 businesses, I can provide regular mentoring sessions to help Small Businesses begin to realise their dream.

I Speak.

With a passion for Open Source I like to share my thoughts and views on this and many other tech/business related activities.

I Teach.

I regularly look to run WordPress and FreePBX training courses either on a 1 to 1 basis or in a larger group setting.

Need advice?

Not sure if Mentoring is right for you, then get in touch for a free 30min call to help you understand what is involved.

My Courses

Find out where and when the next training course will be held for either FreePBX or WordPress.


“Richard has a fantastic Work ethic that is a credit to the Technology booming industry we are in. His ideology, method of approach and consistent enthusiasm brings out a remarkable and talented individual. I have no doubt that anyone who works with Richard will see what I have seen working on projects together. Great to know a man like him is in the close vicinity of my LinkedIn Network.”

Muhammad Ibrahim

My story

I started my first business at the age of 18.  With the support of The Prince’s Trust I started Computersmiths, providing Computer repairs and sales from my bedroom of a shared house in Bournemouth.

Fast forward 22yrs and I have started and sold 3 businesses, some more successfully than others, worked for a $100m Telecoms Vendor as a Sales Director and now trying to give something back by way of Mentoring and Training.

Let me help you grow your business with the help of technology.